Welcome to Magnum Leasing Corp. Our goal is to help clients manage their unique vehicle leasing and financing needs. Our services are designed to make vehicle acquisitions easy for businesses all across the country.  We strive to understand the business goals of our customers and develop a customized plan to achieve it.

We have been in business since 1995 with a combined 60 years of experience it the leasing industry. About Us

National Courtesy Deliveries

No matter where your corporate headquarters are located, we can assist and deliver vehicles coast to coast. Whether you are local or nationwide, we will accommodate your needs.

Custom Leasing Plans & Fleet Funding

Some advantages for leasing vehicles are that it frees up other credit lines and helps to maximize free cash flow. Improving financial ratios, maximizing AMT deductible, and minimizing sales tax costs to name a few.

Open End Leases and Closed End Leases

Our customized approach is designed to give you the flexibility and control to leverage the financial advantages of leasing.